Brick Masters Academy

Collaborate, Experiment, Create, Experience, Learn & have Fun!

Bricks Masters Academy’s mission is to provide children an opportunity to explore and learn through building with LEGO®  Bricks.

Building, playing and role playing are experiential. Children fully engage in the roles they are assuming and the lessons they are learning.

After experiencing how to make gears turn, catapults fire or pistons to go up and down, they are far more likely to retain that knowledge for their next adventure than those who are engaged in passive learning.


“Experience is the teacher of all things” is a quote attributed to Julius Caesar that we take quite seriously.


And we supply the bricks!

Master Builders Workshop

Work together to build a huge LEGO® Brick creation, machines, buildings or cities. The group will brainstorm ideas, create a plan and build and display their work. 


ReBuilding History in Bricks Workshop

Like a team of archaeologists they will research and recreate an ancient Norse Village or Mayan Temple or Roman Aqueducts or what ever else their creative minds delve into! 


BrickRealms Role Playing Game Sessions

Together we go on an amazing Brick quest.  We each create our own minifigure character and adventure together into the great unknown: solving puzzles, encountering troubles, unravelling mysteries and building contraptions that just might save the day.