Small Business Owner's Daily To-Do List

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Sometimes list of things are handy when you know you really must get everything on them done.


What if you had a list for everyday... that was the same list.  Getting successful in business is about consistency everyday getting the things done that need to get done.


Here is a great To-Do list from Jeffery J. Fox from his book "How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business"


  • Exercise
  • Reach out to new customers
  • Contact existing customers
  • Sell to existing customers
  • Achieve one important objective
  • Execute a marketing event
  • Do one important task
  • Train an employee
  • Listen to all employees - Talk to them
  • Inspect product quality
  • Inspect work on delegated tasks
  • Review progress to goals
  • Return all calls


If you make it through this list every single day then you are doing something that will have longterm positive results for you, your business and your employees!

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