What is Twitter and How do I use it?

So what is Twitter?  Really.  Why the heck should you be using it?


Well to be honest most people really don't need to use Twitter... but if you are in business where you need to communicate and build relationships with your customers or clients... then Twitter is a must!  And this includes 95% of most businesses out there.


But to get the basics of Twitter I have added a lovely video from CommonCraft who summarize What Twitter is all about.


So watch the video!

So that is the basics of Twitter but you need to be able to use it for your business to both gain new clients and make more money.  Which really is the goal of any marketing strategy, otherwise, why bother!


To keep it simple a business needs to utilize Twitter in it's arsenal of marketing tools to build relationships with their client base.  If you build a relationship with a client they will always come to your business when they need your services or your product.  


What is almost better than that is that they will talk to everyone they bump into that needs your services or products.  Letting them know why they should get to know you and your business.


Twitter is worth getting to know and understand... but like I have said before social media is about building relationships.  And if you don't take the time to put in to building a relationship... that relationship really isn't going to grow to far.


That is how we can help you... the busy business owner... but I'll explain all that... maybe in my next blog posting.  Or if you can't wait to know how we can help send me a note or leave a comment below!

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