HootSuite 100 Training Video

Are you new to HootSuite and you ned some tips and tricks or even just the basics.


Here is a video series directly from HootSuite University to get you going on your way.


If you are still struggling and need someone to personally guide you through getting HootSuite up and rolling, give us a call 250-753-0233 or send us an email!

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HootSuite University

This video is enough to really get you going but if you still want to go deeper into the bowels of Hootsuite give us a call and we will meet with you to help you out.  Or feel free to enroll in Hootsuite University!


Leave us some comments of what you thought about the videos or problems you might have... we would be happy to answer it right here in the blog so everyone can get the answers to the same questions that they are likely already thinking!





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