How to Use Animated Videos to Promote Your Biz

It is becoming more and more common to utilize videos to promote yourself online and in the last couple years using animated videos to promote your business or how your product or service works has been really booming.


Have a look below and as you watch it imagine this video being about you and your business!

This is a sample of a video made by Fine Art America about how their system of online ordering of art works both for the artists involved and for the customer.  I wanted to use it as an example both because it was darn funny, well done, sharable, interesting enough to make me want to talk about it and also because I use their service to sell my art prints!


If you want to see my art prints currently available go to:


If you are interested in creating a video like this or even a simpler version of it to help people understand what you do in your business and how you can help them, we can help make that happen for you.


We have formed a little partnership to make this videos. We can help to guide you through the process from start to finish including how to use the videos to gain more exposure and to benefit from a little bit of that viral marketing that all the gurus keep talking about.


We will have more info about this process coming soon on our website but if you want to get something right away give us a shout!


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