That's a Niche!

Episode #3

Find a Niche... Live Your Dreams

  • Why your niche matters in your business
  • How knowing your niche can keep you on track to your dreams
  • How to niche well
  • 3 key things to identify your niche

Tad Hargrave is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again).
Despite years in the non-profit and activist world, he finally had to admit he was a marketing nerd and, in the end, he became a marketing coach for hippies.

After a decade of unlearning and unpacking that whole marketing scene – he now feels ready and able to help other people find ways to market that feel wonderful.

I'm hanging out with Tad Hargrave from Marketing for Hippies to hear his take on this classic business advice.

P.S.  Go to to grab some great free resources and to pick up Tad's newest ebook called "Niching Nest"!

Listen to our conversation right now!

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