Brick Built Cards for Special Occasions!

My Virtual Lego Brick Background that I started on last weeks show. What do you create? Feel free to post it on Our Brick Room's Facebookpage.
My Virtual Lego Brick Background that I started on last weeks show. What do you create? Feel free to post it on Our Brick Room's Facebookpage.

Our building project last week was to build a Virtual Brick Background.  You can see mine here on the right. I am working on a few more because I thought this one worked out so well.

If you haven't tried to build your own virtual background yet have a look at last weeks post for more ideas and details on how big to build it.

Lego® has just posted a bunch of Virtual Backgrounds you can download for Free on there website. Check them out!


This past Sunday was Mother's Day so we made a Lego Brick Mother's Day card. (Pic below)

Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to share it with you so you could make your mother a card but Father's Day is next month so I thought we could get a jump on that!


Lego actual was giving away a free Mother's Day Brick Card with purchase on their website. So I just borrowed the idea and made my own with some fun modifications!


When looking for ideas for your card for Father's day just think about what your dad likes. Is he a gardener, fisherman, accountant, computer tech? Maybe build a card of something you love to do with your father.

Build a card to suit that idea. feel free to add in a minifigure or two. 


Here are some different views of the Mother's Day card so you can build from there. I'll post some photos of the Father's Day cards as soon as we get them done!


I'd love to see what you create, so post your builds on Our Brick Room Facebook Group.



Below is some cool instructions I found from Lego that was from their Fathers Day Celebrations a few years ago.  I thought it was a need little build that may help to inspire some cool ideas for creating a Lego gift for your dad. And of course if you forgot to get flowers or you just weren't able to find a open garden shop... make her some flowers that will last. Dad might like the flowers too! ;)


Thanks for joining us... do invite your friend for next weeks show!

40187 LEGO® Flower Display Merchandise 1
Adobe Acrobat Document 348.4 KB
40187 LEGO® Flower Display Merchandise 2
Adobe Acrobat Document 663.8 KB
30404 Friendship Flower Recruitment Bags
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.4 MB
Lego Fathers Day Gift.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 253.6 KB

Also if you didn't grab the Activity Sheets from last weeks show you can download it right here! Because I forgot to give it to everyone last week... too busy playing with Lego!

Find the Brick Word 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 31.1 KB


If you have ideas for awesome puzzles, games or activities that you would like to see, please contact us with your suggestions.

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