Who is Brick Masters Academy?

And Why do they love those LEGO® Bricks?!?!?

Richard Hoedl developed a passion for teaching as a Teacher on Call in both elementary and high schools. As well as substitute teaching, he used his background as a professional artist (Click Here to snoop at my artwork!) and entrepreneur to facilitate artist entrepreneur workshops.  


These evolved into teaching marketing, planning, systems and creativity to all types of business owners.  Richard has spent the better part of the last 20 years honing a system of mapping out business and personal priorities and creating deceptively simple step by step plans that provide clarity in attaining any goal.

Richard Hoedl Head Honcho of Dream Big Solutions in Nanaimo, BC


Richard discovered LEGO® Bricks while homeschooling his own kids. Having a love of games and a desire to incorporate his new found bricks into them, he developed a brick based Role Playing Game (RPG) where you can’t die because you are made of bricks.


Realizing the Educational benefits of both plastic bricks and Role Playing, it became obvious that this combination needed to be available on a larger scale.  


Richard created Brick Masters Academy to do just that.


Bricks Masters Academy’s mission is to provide children an opportunity to explore and learn through building with LEGO®  Bricks.


Building, playing and role playing are experiential. Children fully engage in the roles they are assuming and the lessons they are learning.

After experiencing how to make gears turn, catapults fire or pistons to go up and down, they are far more likely to retain that knowledge for their next adventure than those who are engaged in passive learning.


“Experience is the teacher of all things” is a quote attributed to Julius Caesar that we take quite seriously.


And we supply the bricks!


I am passionate and excited about learning and helping others to learn as well!

Video is provided by The Lego Foundation