Bricks Masters Academy’s mission is to provide children an opportunity to explore and learn through play.

Building, playing and role playing are experiential. Children fully engage in the roles they are assuming and the lessons they are learning. After experiencing how to make gears turn, catapults fire or pistons to go up and down, they are far more likely to retain that knowledge for their next adventure than those who are engaged in passive learning.


“Experience is the teacher of all things” is a quote by Julius Caesar that we take quite seriously.


When role playing, children have the opportunity to step outside of themselves and practise not only different social and leadership skills but navigating whole new worlds. This is a safe place to practise engaging in different social interactions, as failures will not effect the course of their life. Through developing their imagination in role playing, children can experience anything that they can imagine, and therefore, learn from anything that they can imagine!


Albert Einstein said. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

And so we foster imagination in all that we do… but Einstein didn’t say knowledge wasn’t important at all, and we focus on that too!  Implementing STEAM in what we do brings creativity and knowledge together to fuel the children's imagination.


Last, but not least, I teach a methodology of goal setting and planning that I call Action Mapping. Action Mapping not only plots out the actual path to achieve a goal (or multiple goals), but it also helps the individual or group take consistent action to follow through and achieve those goals. The Action Map is also a tremendous tool in unifying a group or team so that they can act as one cohesive unit, helping each other to achieve their goals together. 


A major component of our workshops is failure. We believe that failure is a great teacher.  We encourage everyone to learn from any failure and work together to achieve their desired outcome.  


All our programs are designed to inspire, entertain, and educate.