LEGO® Brick Workshop Listings


Here you will find the full descriptions of all the workshops we are currently doing.


If you have any suggestions for new workshops or if you want to volunteer at any of the workshops please do contact us!


Schedule of Current Workshops & Events

Master Builders Workshop - SOLD OUT

Friday, May 10th to June 14th, 10am to 12pm

6 Sessions

Ages 8 to 18

The MakerSpace Nanaimo (Map at the bottom of the page)

Cost: $120.00  

Early Bird: $100.00 before Midnight April 25th 


Have you ever seen giant LEGO® brick builds?  Have you wondered how they are done?


Join in with a group of other LEGO® enthusiasts to build something awesome!


Work together using negotiation and consensus to incorporate everyone’s ideas into a huge LEGO® brick creation.

Learn dreaming and brainstorming techniques to come up with creative and fun projects to build together.  Plan the project using Action Mapping and get building!


This could include machines, buildings, villages, or cities, elaborate fantasies or historical recreations. 

The group will also create a time lapse stop motion video of the final build. 


Why do kids want to participate in these workshops?

  • They get to build HUGE LEGO® Brick scenes and/or machines.
  • Their scenes are on display in public and they can go see them and amaze their friends.  
  • They are proud of what they’ve created.
  • They learn new building techniques.
  • It’s fun and exciting!


What do they learn?

  • creative brainstorming
  • problem solving and mathematical thinking
  • planning and time management
  • persistence
  • project management, engineering and development skills
  • communication and team building skills
  • useful social skills like negotiation, persuasion, and incorporating individuality & individual choices in groups


They will feel the pride of contribution and accomplishment while stimulating social skills, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.


In process photos provided throughout.  Complete build photos and stop action video provided at the end of the workshop.

(for reporting and sharing for you Home Schoolers out there).


The final project will be displayed and available for all parents and friends to view.

Collaborative Master Builders Workshop Ages 8 to 18 - Friday, May 10th to June 14th. 10am to 12pm 6 Sessions at MakerSpace Nanaimo.


  • Sold Out

BrickRealms Role Playing Game Sessions - Starting Date to be Determined

Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm

Ongoing Sessions

Ages 13 to 18

The MakerSpace Nanaimo (Map at the bottom of the page)

6 Session Punch Card: $TBD 

Per Session Cost: $TBD  


Together we go on an amazing quest.  We each create our own mini figure character and adventure together into the great unknown: solving puzzles, encountering troubles, unravelling mysteries and building contraptions that just might save the day.  


BrickRealms is an immersive fantasy role playing game (RPG) which allows players to fulfill real-world social needs through interaction. Although it may appear to be a game of simple make-believe, the emotions, camaraderie, and accomplishments experienced by players are real, thus suggesting that RPGs have real-world implications for players.


This role-playing game is played within the world of LEGO® Bricks.  It’s safe to take risks, as everyone is made of plastic and though they can be broken into pieces, characters don’t get hurt and can always be put back together again.


This is an ongoing weekly workshop that a group of students (or multiple groups) work together in a grand adventure across different worlds and through time to discover and explore. Teams discover clues, solve mysteries, outwit the bad guys, and occasionally are the heroes saving the world.


Why do kids want to participate in these workshops?

  • They get to become somebody else… who might become a hero!
  • They are excited about LEGO® Bricks.
  • They can create amazing stories.  
  • They learn about history by being in it.
  • They get to complete quests and evolve their character.
  • It’s fun and exciting!


What do they learn?

  • social interaction skills
  • story telling and inventiveness
  • cognitive development and problem solving
  • creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking
  • self-awareness, personal identity discovery and empowerment
  • planning and persistence
  • leadership skills
  • history and language comprehension 
  • listener awareness
  • communication and group cohesion
  • collaboration and working by consensus
  • initiating and maintaining social interactions
  • morality, negotiation and persuasion skills
  • risk assessment and tolerance 
  • writing and math skills


They will improve their self-esteem, as they feel the pride of accomplishment and work together, as a team, to overcome obstacles.


You are welcome to sign up for the BrickRealms Sessions at this time to indicate interest. You will not be committed to purchasing by showing interest.

BrickRealms RPG Sessions Ages 13 to 18 - Sunday from 2pm to 5pm at MakerSpace Nanaimo.


  • Space Available Now

Up Coming Workshops & Events


ReBuilding History in Bricks Workshop

Like a team of archaeologists they will research and recreate an ancient Norse Village or Mayan Temple or Roman Aqueducts or what ever else their creative minds delve into!


(No date set for this event yet but do Sign Up on our Events Mailing List.)

LEGO Brick Car Crash Up Derbies!

What is better than spending a ton of time building a super cool car... and then smashing it into other super cool cars!

This will typically be a 2 to 3 hour event filled with lots of building and lots of mayhem crashing cars together. 

Prizes (Which might be Lego) awarded to the best looking vehicle and of course the winners of the Crash Up Derby!


(No date set for this event yet but do Sign Up on our Events Mailing List.)

Workshops Location

MakerSpace Nanaimo

2221A McGarrigle Road

Nanaimo BC V9S 4M4