Awesome LEGO® Brick Workshops

With Bricks, We Build!

Building with bricks is key to the process of trying to do new things and failing... and picking up the pieces and trying something new!  Failure is a fantastic teacher... as long as you can make failing fun!


All our programs are designed to inspire, entertain, and educate. And by entertain... we mean have fun! 


If you have any suggestions for new workshops or if you want to volunteer at any of the workshops please do contact us!


Everything that we are doing with bricks and where and when we are doing it!

Descriptions of Free Summer Events at Nanaimo Libraries

All the Nanaimo Library Free events on the schedule above are hosted by Brick Masters Academy and would be best suited for children 6 year and up. 


Lego Board Games

Come play a whole variety of Lego board games, fun for everyone!  Harry Potter, Heroica, Ramses Pyramid and more. 


Lego Crash-Up Derby

Build a car using a pull-back motor and test out its sturdiness and speed by CRASHING into all the other cars.  Will your car come out on top?


Lego Train Building

Come build a train car or two to ride on our Lego tracks.  It could be for passengers, cargo, even a caboose or an engine!  Design your train car anyway you want. 


Lego BattleBot Intro

Play with remote controlled machines made to bash and crash and fight with each other.  Whose chosen bot will survive? 


Lego Motors & Gears

Design creations that move.  Incorporate electric Lego motors and gears into your builds to create machines that whirl, flap, roll, bounce, or dig.

Summer Builders Sessions

Tuesdays and Fridays from June 28th to Aug 30th, 9am to 12pm

Ages 8 to 18

10 Session Punch Pass: $200  ~ SAVE $50 ~

Single Sessions: $25 


 Session Size Limited to just 8 Builders

      (We will contact you to Register for specific session dates)


All summer long we continue with building awesomeness!


During the summer we will be doing 1 Off Sessions.  

Every Tuesday & Friday we build something to completion in a single session.


Summer Builders will be engaged in a number of different projects throughout the summer such as:

  • Car Races (Pull Back and Remote Controlled)
  • Crash-Up Derbies
  • Creature Building
  • Engineering Challenges
  • Lego® Brick Mosaics
  • Micro Building Techniques
  • BattleBot Competitions
  • Stop Motion Movies
  • Lego® Brick Game Creation
  • and a whole lot more!


The final projects will be photographed and posted for all parents and friends to view.

Summer Builders Sessions Ages 8 to 18 - Tues & Fridays, June 28th to Aug 30th, 9am to 12pm


  • Space Available Now

FALL - Master Builders Workshop

Friday, Sept 13th to Nov 1st, 9am to 12pm

8 Sessions

Ages 8 to 18

Cost: $240.00  

Early Bird: $200.00 before Midnight Aug 31st   ~ SAVE $40 ~


Have you ever seen giant LEGO® brick builds?  Have you wondered how they are done?


Join in with a group of other LEGO® enthusiasts to build something awesome!


Work together using negotiation and consensus to incorporate everyone’s ideas into a huge LEGO® brick creation.

Learn dreaming and brainstorming techniques to come up with creative and fun projects to build together.  Plan the project and get building!


This could include machines, buildings, villages, or cities, elaborate fantasies or historical recreations. 

The group will also create a time lapse stop motion video of the final build. 


Why do kids want to participate in these workshops?

  • They get to build HUGE LEGO® Brick scenes and/or machines.
  • Their scenes are on display in public and they can go see them and amaze their friends.  
  • They are proud of what they’ve created.
  • They learn new building techniques.
  • It’s fun and exciting!


What do they learn?

  • creative brainstorming
  • problem solving and mathematical thinking
  • planning and time management
  • persistence
  • project management, engineering and development skills
  • communication and team building skills
  • useful social skills like negotiation, persuasion, and incorporating individuality & individual choices in groups


They will feel the pride of contribution and accomplishment while stimulating social skills, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.


In process photos provided throughout.  Complete build photos and stop action video provided at the end of the workshop.

(for reporting and sharing for you Home Schoolers out there).


The final project will be displayed and available for all parents and friends to view. 

(to have a peak at our previous Workshop's creation go to the VRKade at 2-1585 Bowen Road to have a look!)

Collaborative Master Builders Workshop Ages 8 to 18 - Friday, Sept 13th to Nov 1st. 9am to 12pm 8 Sessions


  • Space Available Now