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with your Host Richard Hoedl

Richard Hoedl Head Honcho of Dream Big Solutions in Nanaimo, BC

Richard Hoedl is the Host of the show bringing you fantastic insights that will create clarity in where you are headed as well as motivate you to actual get your butt moving in the right direction!


Richard focuses on the things he does best – getting people results, helping entrepreneurs envision their dream life, developing a plan to move into that future, helping them overcome any obstacles and supporting them on their journey.


“Being a serial entrepreneur myself, I am extremely passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve clarity and put strong foundations under their dreams. I’m a naturally creative guy and can see the BIG picture all at once, so brainstorming sessions (my favourite part) often spur great new ideas and possibilities where others saw only dead ends.”

The Theme Music for the Dream Big Solutions Radio Show has been graciously provided by Professor Trance & The Energetics, Drumming Circle, from the album Shaman’s Breath.


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following our bliss, living life fully with Catherine Whelan Costen

Episode #16

knowing who we really are

Catherine Whelan Costen of Catherine Publishing~'Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine'
Catherine Whelan Costen of Catherine Publishing ~ 'Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine'

Our guest on the show, Catherine Whelan Costen is the host and producer of an online chat show, which focuses on Universal Transformational Topics, it is called ‘Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine’; she is a published author of ‘Father Walter Krewski’s Life Journey’, numerous articles, blogs on a variety of topics including social issues, women’s empowerment, life and death. She spent a number of years in Canadian politics, ran in two elections and held the elected position as president of a federal political party prior to launching her own media production company in 2012.

She is an intuitive gifted with a ‘knowing’, which she offers for exploration in private sessions through Catherine Clarity Whisperer.

After a life of many challenges she developed Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue at the age of 40 yrs, which propelled her into a deep spiritual journey within, to find her way back to life.  In 2012 her oldest son was killed in a tragic vehicle accident and that began a more expanded journey of awareness and many unexpected gifts.  Exploring Higher Visions is her passion.  Laughter is her fear buster.  Discovery is her Mission.  Chattin is her Sacred Gift.  Connecting to Love is her Method.

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The power to heal. The grace to flourish with Dixie Bennett

Episode #15

Do You have a Pain in Your Success?

Dixie Bennett of Stillpoint Bodyworks
Dixie Bennett

Dixie Bennett, CEO and Founder of Stillpoint Bodyworks out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is a Masterful Healer for Healers and Leaders.  


She is passionate about helping those who need to be pain-free and at the top of their game, so they can share their Life’s Work feeling energized, healthy and inspired.  


Her unique gift is blending bodywork and coaching together so she can help healers and leaders with both physical and emotional pain so they can take aligned action to create the business and lives that they desire.


On todays show we discuss how does the pain people carry in their body directly effect their business success?

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Sink, Swim or Float with Michelle Cameron Coulter

Episode #14

Jump in and make your Splash in Life!

Michelle Cameron Coulter of Inspiring Possibilities
Michelle Cameron Coulter of Inspiring Possibilities

Creating Gold Medal Results.

How do we really do it all?  What we really want?  What we are called to do, that inside voice?

Living like a Champion is not about being the best in the World- It is about being the Best We can Be.

On our show today we have Michelle Cameron Coulter a Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist, 6 time World Champion and a mother of four. 

Michelle was also awarded the prestige’s Order of Canada!

If you thought you had a busy life you need to listen to today's show!

Michelle is super involved both in her community and in creating entrepreneurs that can really achieve their peak potential.

Michelle is releasing her book early next year- "Sink Swim or Float- Courage to Jump in and make your Splash in Life".

She has been sharing her message and inspiring companies and organizations around the world to jump in and play big- through leading Inspiring and empowering workshop, retreats and keynotes for over 20 years.

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Working for Love with Jaimze Dunn

Episode #13

Work for Love, but don't forget to think about the money!

Jaimze Dunn of BizCollege
Jaimze Dunn of BizCollege

Have you ever wondered what people study when they go to college to study business?  

They study how to manage a big corporation!  But that is not going to help you start or grow a small or medium-sized business. 

That is why Jaimze Dunn created BizCollege to focus on giving small business owners a hands-on, academic-free approach to helping you build and grow your business.  

Jaimze has over 20 years of real-life business experience.

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Bad Belief Busting with Krista Whaley

Episode #12

Are Your Thoughts, Habits and Beliefs Limiting or Lifelines?

Bonnie Chomica of Marketing Done Write
Krista Whaley the creator of Energetics

Krista Whaley, the creator of a transformational process called Energetics, is our guest on our final episode of the summer.  

Before Energetics became part of her life she suffered from PTSD for 8 years (eliminated in 9 hours), Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over 25 years (healed in 5 minutes a day over 6 weeks) and serious life-long self-esteem issues (gone in about an hour!). 

Now She helps other people move from challenges and struggle (and sometimes despair and pain) into motivation and joy.

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Get Your Frock Off with Jo Dibblee

Episode #11

living Frock-alicious is living FREE!

Jo Dibblee of Frock-alicious!
Jo Dibblee of Frock-alicious!

Jo Dibblee once a frock-master was in hiding for 35 years - she was a key witness in a murder investigation.

Out of necessity she wore frocks of protection and lived in disguise. She lived in constant fear of being discovered by the man who had vowed to finish the job; the man who had sexually assaulted her and went on to murder Susan.

She would not reclaim her life until 2012. Although she strove to stay under the radar she was awarded internationally on several occasions. Most recently in 2014 she was awarded by Readers’ Favorite the bronze medal in True Crime for her memoir; Frock Off: Living Undisguised.

Described as ever the optimist she is scrappy, a fighter for justice and the people she serves. She has been featured on Canadian media nationwide.

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Get in the Game with Rawan Odeh

Episode #10

Young Entrepreneurs are Changing the World... let's help them do it!

Rawan Odah the creator of the Slimy Greeny App
Rawan Odah the creator of the Slimy Greeny App

At just 17 she has already got her 1st game app in the iTune AppStore and the Android Google Play.  Our guest, Rawan Odeh is a Palestinian from Saudi Arabia who has had a passion for video games, like most kids these days, unlike most kids though she started making game apps at the ripe old age of 10!

She talks about the importance of finding your great idea, getting it started and finishing it!  Most of us have ideas, some of us even get started on it but very few of us actually get it finished!  Get it done people!

On the show I mentioned a Ted Talk by Cameron Herold's Ted Talk called "Let's Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs" where he shares his own education as an entrepreneur as well as some things to look for in encouraging children to develop entrepreneurial skills.

To watch his Ted Talk click the Link!  www.ted.com/talks/cameron_herold_let_s_raise_kids_to_be_entrepreneurs

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Being Credible with Bonnie Chomica

Episode #9

Incredible Credibility Through Testimonials

Bonnie Chomica of Marketing Done Write
Bonnie Chomica of Marketing Done Write

Bonnie Chomica, from Marketing Done Write, specializes in taking the pain out of trying to juggle an overwhelming amount of marketing tasks. Clients outsource their marketing to Bonnie because they don't have time, don't know how, or because marketing just simply drives them crazy.

Because she provides "done for you" marketing services, clients can better leverage their time, expand their capacity, and make more sales. Clients are thrilled that they can entrust Bonnie to take charge of their marketing, and have it executed professionally.  
With over 20 years of experience in start-up and corporate marketing, including AT&T Canada, Bonnie has honed key writing, technical, and project management skills. She helps her clients attract more leads, by using her experience to create better online exposure and reputation.

Bonnie's clients can be assured that she will build solid marketing foundation pieces, create visibility and exposure, and establish and improve their credibility - all key components for successful marketing efforts.

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Divine Success with Jen Duchene

Episode #8

Numbers have a lot more to do with your financial forecast than you thought!

Jen Duchene - Divine Success through Akashic Wisdom
Jen Duchene - Divine Success through Akashic Wisdom

Come join us and listen in as we will be peaking with Jen Duchene, Success Astronumerologist, Akashic Healer, Transformational Leader, Speaker and Author.  Jen helps women live the promise of their purpose and create their own joyful, soulful version of Success.


Through her mastery of metaphysics, deep intuition and no-nonsense compassionate clarity, Jen guides her clients along the Success Path by helping them uncover their most powerful abilities, release emotional weight, and change lifelong patterns that no longer serve them so they can manifest what they truly desire in their personal and professional lives.

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Refer Your Way to Success

Episode #7

Insider Secrets to Referral Success

Sue Clement of Success Coaching
Sue Clement - Success Coaching

Have you noticed that you ask and you ask and you still aren't getting any referrals? And the referrals that you are getting aren't even interested in your service or product!

Come join us and listen in as we will be answering all your questions on how to get referrals in your business. And how to GIVE great referrals as well... that might be a tip! :)

Sue’s fox terrier-inspired determination and ‘get it done fast’ approach are grounded in what she calls the vacuum cleaner paradigm.  She says, “You have to plug it in, turn it on, and push it around to make it work.  Action in business is always at the heart of great results.”

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Making a Movement

Episode #6

How do you go from obscurity to creating a movement that propels your vision to a whole new level?

Picture of Andy Zitzmann from GAMETIME Movement
Andy Zitzmann from GAMETIME Movement

AJ Amyx & Andy Zitzmann are the co-founders of GAMETIME Movement where they help leaders and high achievers launch and monetize their message both offline and online. They are Hosts of the Movement Marketing Summit where they host 50 A-list entrepreneurs that share their best tips and tools to build a brand and launch a movement online. 

They are also hosts of a popular web show, GAMETIME TV, where they provide motivation and mindset tips, marketing and business tips as well as interview

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From Start-Up to International Company

Episode #5

How do you go from a home based business all the way to an international company with offices across the globe?

World Tree Technologies Radio Broadcast Pic of Empress Spendor Tree Leaves
Wendy Burton showing off the Empress Spendor Tree's giant leaves

In this episode, your host Richard Hoedl is talking with the CEO and president of World Tree Technologies, Wendy Burton.


We talk about really moving towards your BIG Dreams and why the size of your dream really does matter!  We also talk about the importance of building a strong team both inside the business and outside.


Listen in to another fabulous show and share what you see as being some of the key points in the comments below!

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Are You Coachable?

Episode #4

I don't play hockey?  Why in the world do I need a coach?

On the show is W. Gregg Turner PhD. CHT, CNLP, who will be bashing around with me the idea of coaching and why might a regular person who isn't in a sports team want one.

Gregg is the founder of Solution Innovators, a diversified International Company.
Specializing in: Success and Life Coaching, Counseling, Executive Consulting, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Rapid Results Therapy, Organizational Change and Training, Global Health and Wellness leadership and business development.

His extensive Training, Certifications and Expertise has taken him on diversified work and contributions, nationally and internationally, including talks, workshops, writing and group facilitation.

Gregg can be reached by phone at 250-380-0702, toll free at 1-877-654-2371, by email SolutiuonInnovators@shaw.ca or
Web - www.ResultsNow.ca and www.nikken.com/holistic

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That's a Niche!

Episode #3

Find a Niche... Live Your Dreams

  • Why your niche matters in your business
  • How knowing your niche can keep you on track to your dreams
  • How to niche well
  • 3 key things to identify your niche

Tad Hargrave is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again).
Despite years in the non-profit and activist world, he finally had to admit he was a marketing nerd and, in the end, he became a marketing coach for hippies.

After a decade of unlearning and unpacking that whole marketing scene – he now feels ready and able to help other people find ways to market that feel wonderful.

I'm hanging out with Tad Hargrave from Marketing for Hippies to hear his take on this classic business advice.

P.S.  Go to www.NichingSpiral.com to grab some great free resources and to pick up Tad's newest ebook called "Niching Nest"!

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Whatever It Takes!

Episode #2

Has doing your "Best" got you to where you are?  Perhaps it is time to do More!


A New Year - The Same Old You

Episode #1

Make Your New Years Resolutions Work!

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